EGR faults and blocked DPF warnings

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Chris Philp
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Hi, I have recently bought a 2017 3 litre disco 5 with 100k miles on.

It came up with DPF filter full. Orange warning very quickly followed by the red full warning (minutes)
Independent landrover garage plugged in and found throttle body sticking so car would go into re-gen due to errors. Replaced throttle body at cost of £700.

Worked OK for less than 100 miles and engine management warning light came on again quickly followed by orange DPF warning light and quickly followed by red DPF full. Took back to garage who cleared faults and forced a regen.

Another 50 miles or so later same again. Could also smell exhaust gas and observed smoke coming from engine bay. After much searching found a 2 holes in the EGR bypass pipe. Replaced this at a cost of £1600 (needed to drop engine to gain access) also had burnt hole in timing belt cover so changed belt and cover while at it).

Guess what another 50 miles later same again. Garage is recommending a EGR delete (as car is now flagging up EGR fault codes) and a DPF clean.

Has anybody had a similar experience and has anybody done an EGR block and delete ?


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