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Hi All,

I've been lurking for a while and learning a lot from the experience of members on this forum - thank you all.

I've got a 2019 disco 5 HSE lux and the insurance is up for renewal. While I know that all motor insurance is up this year and that Range Rovers, Discos etc are particular theft targets my quote is ridiculous. My renewal quote has jumped from £900 to over £3800! Other than being based in the south east of England, I'm not a particularly high risk - or so I thought!

I've played around with having an additional tracker fitted, slashing the milage, increasing the excess etc. I can only get about £400 off the premium.

Many insurers just won't quote. Even Adrian Flux (who I've had good experience of in the past with a range of vehicles) is not coming up with much.

What is everyone else doing about insurance? Any good sources, tips or suggestions?

The highlander
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Everyone is in the same boat to varying degrees tbh. That probably accounts for the drop in used prices of the Disco more than anything.

All you can do is probably what you’ve been doing, get multiple comparison site quotes.
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I went to renew mine in September jumped from 560.00 to 8000.00 took the wife off because of age dropped to 2000.0 told them to stuff it , admiral did it for a 1000
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