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Post by LesGAllen »

Hi, I have been driving a Disco4 Graphite for the last three years and pick up a new Disco 5 Landmark tomorrow, so keen to read the items on the agenda. One of my biggest concerns after committing to buy was discovering the high level of theft for these vehicles. Does the InControl tracker come as standard on the Landmark and is there an on-going charge for the facility?

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Post by jimbg »

Where have you read about high levels of theft for Disco 5's? They are one of the most secure cars around.

You have 3 years subscription included for any Incontrol options that you have, not sure what a Landmark is I am afraid!
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Hi, Last November I was In Germany driving my fathers new BMW X5, waiting my New Discovery to come middle of December. On highway I was stopped by the police for checking if the car was stolen, spending about 45 minutes in a petrol station parking place checking a lot of serial numbers all over the place, under the hood 2 or 3, under the right front seat and so on. Time in which I asked the police about the fact that the LR are harder to be stolen. They reply to me that in Germany the LR are one of the top cars that thieves are looking for.

So be careful

In Italy one friend had a RR Sport that it was stolen twice, first time if was found after 2 weeks, second time was for good.
We cannot be 100% sure of the Incontrol Protect.
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It is not only the InControl software, the keys cannot be hacked, but that is only on newer models.

It is a much better system than used by BMW and Mercedes who just send the key to sleep when it does move for a period of time.

Range Rovers were indeed a favorite target and that is why JLR have adopted this new system to stop thieves getting into the car in the first place.

The InControl tracker is an option that is not on all cars.
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This is simply nonsense...

My new Disco 5 was stolen in under 15 seconds using some sort of relay technology. They had the incontrol tracker dead within 5 minutes.

I discovered that this is the 4th JLR vehicle stolen on my road.

Even the lady at fulham council laughed when i was changing my residents' permit, as she told me this was the fifth land rover she'd seen stolen this week!

This is a serious problem and the JLR PR to the contrary is just that.
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Well, in this situation, I can say that it is better to install an additional security system on any JLR car.
Nowadays, there are many ways to steal cars, especially with a keyless entry system. For the safety of your car, I recommend installing an additional security system with the ability to block keyless entry.
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