19 incl versus 20 inch wheels?

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19 incl versus 20 inch wheels?

Post by MarkW » Thu Feb 21, 2019 10:07 am

HI Guys,
New member about to pick up 2017 HSE.
Here's my question...
19 incl versus 20 inch wheels?

I have the option from the garage.
Based in Ireland, Weather is very rarely snow,
occasional slight frost/ice &
mostly I will be just road-going driving.
Ride comfort is more important than looks.
Any advice welcome.

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Re: 19 incl versus 20 inch wheels?

Post by Hauser » Thu Feb 21, 2019 3:28 pm

I would go with the 20 inch rims.
Tires in 19" size are hard to get. Even off road shops offer sets with the 20 inch rims and General Grabber AT3 or Goodyear Wrangler Duratrac.
Do you have the air suspension? My D5 came with 22 inch wheels and the air suspension is so comfortable, that I don't notice the difference to my 20" wheels. (On my Disco Sport I swapped from 20 inch to 18" because 20 inch was to uncomfortable, even though I got the adaptive dynamics (magna ride).)

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ride / handling/ hardness on the road

Post by MarkW » Thu Jan 02, 2020 8:41 pm

Hi Hauser,
Belated thanks for your view on the wheels. I actually got the 19 inch anyway.
Yes I do have air suspension as my Disco 5 (MY 2017) HSE is 7 seats.

To be honest I would get 17 or 18 inch if I could - the more air & rubber the better
but one can't go smaller than 19 inch due to the size of the brake calipers, I am advised...

I am still flabbergasted as to how hard the ride / handling/ hardness on the road is even with the:
* 19 inch wheels and
* air suspension.

I have driven a Disco 4 (MY 2013) business edition 5 seats for a number of years & it is
FAR MORE comfortable re ride / handling / hardness on the road.

So much so that I am back in the Disco 4 & the better half (wife) is driving the Disco 5!!

I am wondering if the the cause is the aluminium body instead of the steel which I believe has knocked nearly
half a ton off the body weight between D4 going to D5?
This makes it lighter on the road - more bouncy?

Any ideas on the lighter body idea?

ps I have a sensitive back - caused by a disasterous BMW 4 series with M-Sport suspension that I got 2 years ago.
pps Happy New Year!

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Re: 19 incl versus 20 inch wheels?

Post by Rangeroverking » Sat Jul 18, 2020 4:25 pm


I have a 2019 D5 HSE and live in Hungary
I have the factory 21 inch wheels on the car with Std tyres
The problem I m having is that that the car is just so hard on any type of broken tarmac , even a small indent in the road causes the car to bump and the force can be felt inside the car and a thumping noise from the suspension into the car
I have complained about this several times at the dealer , all I get is that “you don’t know what you Re talking about “ look

I have owned many LR products before , and was also the owner of a JLR Dealership for 7 years and know how the product drives , which was the main reason for buying a Discovery

The car bounces and pitches all over the road , and even my wife now feels unsafe driving the car
It’s almost as if the Shock s have no rebound in them and all the force is being transferred into the car through the wheels
The air suspension seems to be functioning properly and have never had an problems with that
I ve also checked the tyre pressures many times they are 2,3 In front and 2,5 rear , as per recommended
It feels like the tyres are at 4 bar and there are no shock absorbers at all that’s how poor the ride is
We also have an Audi Q7 that has 22 wheels and the car feels like a discovery should feel on the same roads
I ve checked software updates as well
Perhaps someone has had issues with the Shocks in their car , just seems unlikely that all 4 could have an issue
Or perhaps the car has been fitted with the incorrect shocks at factory ? Or their is a faulty batch in circulation ?

Can anyone shed light in this or has had a similar problem on the Disco 5



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