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Hi Everyone;

New member, looking at buying a 2 year old Discovery 5 predominantly as a towcar for our caravan but also for long motorway journeys up to Scotland. Hands on hearts folks, do you recommend this vehicle? I've had a Freelander 2 for 16 years which has been brilliant so am a bit biased towards Landies but the Disco is a different beast altogether! Grateful for any comments/advice.


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Post by Johnyc »

I've had my D5 for 7 months. Had landrovers since I was 9 on the farm never been without one. Wafe has a Range Rover and I have the D5. I use mine as a company car and in 7 months I've done 27k miles. Always find it comfortable and Ive also used it to caravan a twin axle Compasss with no issues at all. Great choice of car. Good luck.
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