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2023 Disco 5
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Hi all

I’m new to the forum but hoping to get some help of advice please.

I have a discovery commercial and have purchased some rear seats which are electric. I have started to fit them but there doesn’t seem to be any connection for the seats under the rear carpet or off the main harness.

Does anyone know if there is a way or connecting the seats or buying a harness just for the electric seats which I can wire in?

Thanks in advance

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Welcome to the forum! It's great that you're customizing your Discovery. For electric seats, you may need to look into a specific wiring harness. Check with your local Land Rover dealership or an automotive parts store. They should be able to guide you on the right harness to buy and help you with the wiring. Good luck with your project! Workers comp lawyer
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Have a look for Digital Vehicle Technologies. They created a bespoke piece of wiring and wired mine in, got them to do the windows for me too!
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