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LR Disco Driver
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Last September I placed an order for a D300 R-Dynamic SE with various options.

About 2 weeks ago I got a call from my dealer saying a) most of the options I wanted and some of the standard specification of the MY22 cars had been dropped and therewas still no sign of a build date.

The dealer agreed to sell me their MY21 (March0 demonstrator, it was about to go onto their website, it doesn't have all the stuff I wanted but it's fairly close.

One thing that is annoying me is the Navigation system.

It does not give accurate destinations when asking it to search for addresses. Our home address is on a single track lane about 18 miles out of Inverness and the system reverts to the centre of the Post code some 2 miles away by road. Putting in a address of a caravan park in the middle of Aberdeenshire again it reverts to the village of a similar name, a mile and a half away, not great when you have a caravan on the hook!

So three questions.

Is there away of "forcing" the system to the correct destination?

Once at the correct place is there a way of saving that position and naming it?

Is there a way of editing the name of destinations?

These are quite fundamental actions required of a top end navigation system. I was able to do all 3 actions on my Volvo XC90 which used the same navigation provider - "Here".

Sorry for the long post, I am enjoying the Discovery but these items are souring the experience somewhat.

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Does your car have Apple/Android car play facilities? Try using a map app, (google or Waze) these are possibly more accurate
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