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We have just been on the Experience Day at Rockenham, it was fantastic, Disco 5 what a machine and shown more about the car than the Salesperson shown us, a big thank you to Allan our instructor, it's a must.

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Post by rogersmj »

Gutted! I got an invite to one of these from my local dealership when I ordered my D5. Due to work I couldn't get there
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I got a card from my dealer. (Also my previous 2 disco's) just ring up and book a slot. Mid week not usually a problem weekend long lead times.
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"Land Rover Experience Day" When ever I hear this,i all ways think its where we owners get together and share our complaints about the brand!!
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rogersmj. Sorry late reply only just joined. Have a word with your dealers salesman. I've been on four of these days and only 3 were with new cars.
Had a good relationship with the salesman and he got me the extra one. Maybe yours can get you one, they are a great day out.
Got to say the D5 is brilliant and this is my 10th Disco since the mid 90's.
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rogersmj wrote: Fri Nov 03, 2017 9:46 pm Gutted! I got an invite to one of these from my local dealership when I ordered my D5. Due to work I couldn't get there
How did that happen? You should get a voucher and then call the centre and book a day that suits you.

In fact you do not need to wait for the voucher, just call the centre and they can look you up.
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hi there, i bought a new Discovery 2021 in April and just attended the Off road experience here in Scotland Dunkeld.... Great day out...all the cars where 2021, learnt a lot about the car, what it's capable of and more important... the controls for taking the car off road and all the different options that are available depending on the terrain... well impressed...!
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