High pitched squealing noise OS Rear

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Post by ukorca » Mon Aug 16, 2021 10:53 am

After around 20 minutes of driving, my Disco (67 plate 3.0 petrol) develops a high pitched squealing/screeching noise which I think is coming from the OS rear wheel (although it could be OS front). It's loud enough that pedestrians will turn and look when I drive by.

It doesn't make the noise when the vehicle is cold and the noise disappears under braking and also disappears when turning. It happens at all speeds and the noise doesn't change pitch dependent on speed. I thought it might be the parking brake and have engaged this when stopped, manually released and the noise goes for a few minutes but then returns.

A quick search on this forum hasn't turned up any other similar problems so I'd be interested to know what people's thoughts might be as to the cause. I've not been driving much, but the problem has been there since around June, so I think I can rule out a stone in the caliper or something like that.

Suggestions welcome!


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