Has anyone changed a wheel?

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Has anyone changed a wheel?

Post by JRRushden » Wed Feb 10, 2021 5:32 pm

The LR5 jack is better than the LR3 but still not great the ring thingy you are supposed to use to turn the jack is really hard to keep turning with the silly little cross piece. I know, in mist circumstances you would call LR Recovery or the RAC/AA etc. But I was in a hurry had a flat on the drive and needed to do it. I have snapped LR wheel nut spanner before so I always carry my own with sockets from 20-23mm.

I am not particularly strong anymore due to illness, it took me 45 minutes to expend the effort to get the vehicle up. It is really hard to do. The hook thing and little cross piece really tear into your fingers.

Give it a go as an emergency drill! I reckon a 24mm socket would fit over the jack eye and a good old fashioned handle would make it easy or indeed a battery driver. I have always had a bottle jack on board unfortunately mine is too tall to get safely under the vehicle. There is also nowhere to put and axle stand as far as I can tell.

Please share your experience and thoughts.


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