Surround Camera system

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Surround Camera system

Post by AlexBocaUS » Wed Dec 04, 2019 12:17 am

Hi guys, new Disco owner here. got a 2019 HSE Lux
Was wondering if anyone had any ideas on what would be required to add the front and side cameras.
I have the rear with the 360 parking aid

Questions i have.

Wiring in the mirrors existing or not? ( i know i would need brackets cameras and lower mirror covers)
If not existing, i can't seem to find the correct diagram. anyone have access to the diagram?

Front camera i know i need a bracket, however wiring again looks like it runs through the parking sensor harness

and then finally the module, does anyone know if the module is the same for 360 and rear or would i need a whole new module.

anything would help:) trying not to spend $600 on the service manual and not desperate enough yet to take apart the car to find out :))

Has anyone done this or anyone at least installed a front camera? Previous ride had 360 and off roading without the front at least is a bit worrisome, in an 80k ride.

Thanks for any help you can give guys!

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