Question for the 4 cylinder diesel owners

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Question for the 4 cylinder diesel owners

Post by Donverdi » Wed Sep 13, 2017 8:46 am

Hi there all

I'm considering trading up from our much loved Disco Sport to the new Disco 5. There are plenty of low mileage HSE vehicles to choose from, but most are the SD4 rather than the V6. Price wise there's not much difference.

I've test driven the SD4 and think the car is great, but IMO it suffers a little bit from the same problem our 'Sport has which is that when pulling away from stationery (at a set of lights for example), there's a bit of a lag whilst the turbo spools up and then a bit of a rev and a lurch forward. In terms of general driving it was great and a definite improvement on our 'Sport with regards to the gear box, which is forever hunting up and down for the right gear.

Nearly all my driving is duel carriageway and motorway and I don't tow anything. We are a family of 5 and have a dog, so this car would be perfect.

My question is this, are you SD4 owners out there happy you chose the 4 cylinder option, or do you regret not getting the V6? Has anybody driven the V6 and thought the the stop/start issue I mentioned is better? I've read that this is a wider JLR niggle?

If there was the perfect spec car in the V6 I'd probably choose it, but all the cars I like are the SD4!

Any comments and thoughts would be much appreciated.


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Re: Question for the 4 cylinder diesel owners

Post by Chalkey » Wed Sep 13, 2017 10:11 pm

Hi Donverdi we had a Discovery Sport and moved up to a Discovery we have only had it for one week so it's early days but so far it's been fantastic. We only test drove a 3lt and decided a 2lt on paper would suit are needs better and we're not disappointed.
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