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Scientific , 12-31-2020 07:54 PM

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So I just wanted to say hello to everyone on the form, and give you a little info about my Disco, I love it!! Bought a 2017 HSE white and black with 22 inch wheels, still trying to figure out some of the features. My plan is if everything goes well is to trade it in one a newer one next year,I think I do want some features I don't have like lane keep assist and adaptive cruise. Bought an 04 back in 2012 and I thought it was the best even though I spent more time under the hood than driving finally the head gasket gave then the oil pump exploded so by then I gave up on it (not to mention it was vandalized by my ex). Yet I'm hard headed and didn't learn my lesson so by 2017 I actually wanted another 04 disco, but for some reason the price on an 04 with under 80,000 miles more than tripled!! does anyone know why? I mean kell blue book on those things where like 4000 dollars yet I couldn't find one under 15,000, when I bought mine in 2012 the going rate for a high mileage disco was around 5000,I've seen a few listed for 30 GRAND (what)?. I had know idea the v discos where out until I saw an FB ad around mid 2019. I knew I had to have one. Well just wanted to say hello and thanks for the helpful tips.

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Welcome to a great source of D5 knowledge. Enjoy 👍

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