Electrics failure & Windscreen leak

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Post by Guido » Wed Feb 02, 2022 10:01 am

2017 HSE. One of the first off the production line and windscreen started leaking after 12 months. By chance met another owner with identical problem. Windscreen was supposed to be removed and replaced and re sealed. 2 months ago (December 2021) after we returned from holiday. Insurance disc holder on passenger side had filled up with water, passenger footwell saturated and water had poured all over the centre console where, of course, the air suspension controls are sited. Then air suspension completely failed. I am therefore wondering whether water ingress into the electrics / centre console could have caused the air suspension failure? Would anyone have a view on that?
Now about to enter a fight with the dealer in Jersey CI over the cost of re-sealing the windscreen - it is a material design defect and therefore a breach of contract as it was not fit for purpose in the first place. I am a retired lawyer with time on my hands so will just plough on with legal proceedings and keep the forum updated but would be interested to hear thoughts on water ingress and air-suspension failure.

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Post by Craigp » Wed Feb 02, 2022 4:44 pm

Hi Guido yes seen plenty of reports on this (leaking windscreen not failed electrics as such but unless these switches are rated for external use it's not such a stretch to link the two). Have you looked on more popular D5 sites for similar? I'm the owner of a early 2017 model and live in dread of this and yes please keep us updated.
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