New timing chain at 39k miles

Faults and Technical chat for the Discovery 5
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Post by Roneyj05 » Wed May 26, 2021 7:24 pm

Hi everyone. I have a 39k miles 2017 2.0 HSE disco 5. It was at the dealers today for an airbag fault and after it was scanned the dealers have told me that it’s logged several camshaft position errors and also some EGR flow issues. I’m the second owner of this disco and just picked it up. All work will be totally FOC and won’t cost me a penny. Should I walk away now or get the work done and be glad it’s not costing me. I love the vehicle, it’s perfect and in great condition etc. I’m just cautious of issues down the line after the engines been out for the timing chain replacement etc. I know they are designed to last a “lifetime”

Work required is full timing chain replacement and egr cooler filter and air leak.

No rattling, no power loss or warning lights for engine.

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