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Faults and Technical chat for the Discovery 5
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Post by Rob_Hollies » Wed Jul 21, 2021 9:40 pm

Sorry this is a long post and, perhaps, a bit of a rant towards LR, but I have had problems with my brakes since I got the car.

In July 2020, I bought by my 2017 Luxury HSE TD6 from Peter Vardy in Aberdeen. It had 27939 miles on the clock. I actually travelled 411 miles from Nottingham to collect it, just after lockdown restrictions were lifted.

On initial test drive, the brakes were awful so I immediately returned to the showroom and the handover chap took it out and returned saying that the brakes were fine and that is how Discovery’s were.

After some discussion about this and a couple of other bits, I eventually left with the car. Big mistake I think now!

On the way back home, I nearly ran into the back of a lorry on the A1 because the car just did not seem to want to stop.

Later that week I took it for a Health check at Stratstone in Nottingham and they said that although the pedal was somewhat spongy, there was nothing wrong with the brakes and that is how they are meant to be. It was noted there was some scoring and pitting on the disc and that the pads were wearing.

In September 2020 I went on holiday with my twin axle caravan and again, it did not seem to want to stop without putting an awful lot of pressure through the pedal. This was even more pronounced with the ‘van on.

So, whilst in Truro, the car had another “health check” and, once again it was noted that the discs were scored and pitted and also that the pads were wearing.

At the end of June this year, having done less than 4000 miles since purchase due to covid, I had the car serviced and put through an MOT. I again mentioned the brakes and that the pedal made strange creaking noises.

I was told that there was too much play in the pedal, which may have been the cause and that it needed new brake discs and pads all round at a cost of almost £2000. Despite this the car passed its MOT!

I feel as if I have just been fobbed off with this and have lost an awful lot of faith in LR and in this car. Customer services are not interested.

For years I have wanted to move up to a Disco having had three Shoguns for the last 20 years or so.

For a car of this supposed quality, the horror stories being told on this forum are rather depressing and I am now seriously thinking of getting rid.

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Post by Craigp » Tue Aug 03, 2021 12:13 pm

Can't say my brakes on the 5 are any different from the 4 or any relatively new car. So to suggest the 5 is any different brake wise sounds strange to me.
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