Got mine and a few pointers!

Faults and Technical chat for the Discovery 5
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Post by Nozzernorris » Sun Mar 12, 2017 11:06 am

Took delivery of first edition on 1st March....yey

Pointers so far

It is complicated .... make sure you allow at least 2 hours for hand over - we didn't and have requested a further technical hand over which has been organised

You need a data only sim card so would suggest getting one to take with you for hand over so you can let the dealer show you how it works

Gesture tailgate opening is pants!!! have to do exact movement about 5 times in correct spot so wouldn't order it!

Silicon silver is awesome

Saw the orange one in show room and looks so so so much better in real life

Drive is superb... not as nippy as RR Sport but quick and handles very well

Personal thing but I think it is a bit ugly from the rear and the Discovery line area for the number plate...offset is weird


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Post by penners » Mon Mar 13, 2017 12:51 pm

We took delivery on 2nd March and would agree with your observations with regard the sim card - it's not the easiest thing to setup, although I did manage it eventually! Also concur that the gesture opening of the boot lid is pretty tricky to get to work....

We have been really impressed with the build quality of the car in general; it is super quiet and composed and very light to manoeuvre for such a big car!

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Post by Deleted User 316 » Mon Mar 13, 2017 4:35 pm

Agree on all comments and so far haven't seen the benefit of the sim card. If I wanted to have a hotspot I'd probably just enable it from my phone as that way it would generally be 4g. With regards the gesture opening I've definitely had a few funny looks at my attempts to open the boot as it probably looks like I'm trying to kick the car! With regards the seats and the ability to fold and unfold them via my iPhone I've had limited success and usually just see a message saying 'seat positions unknown'. Not a major issue but would have liked it to work as shown. From a fuel efficiency perspective for the 3L the best I've seen is 39.4mpg but on average I'm below that. I would have loved to have had an Apple CarPlay option as our other car has it and it's a far better experience. The LR screen looks great but can be a little fiddly and often find that I'm having to give it a firm prod to get what I want.

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Post by Nozzernorris » Mon Mar 13, 2017 4:44 pm

Fuel economy not great on mine either. The dealer assures me the economy will get better when the engine has a few more miles on it

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Post by Seaview36 » Tue Mar 14, 2017 9:02 pm

Hmmmmm. Picked ours up 2nd March and have got to agree, the gesture control for the boot opening was very erratic. Now the powered boot has given up the ghost altogether, just a bit of 'whirring' going on. Back to the dealers, methinks. 😕

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Post by ColMalc » Sun Apr 02, 2017 3:57 pm

I took note of the comments and we had plenty of time for the handover, especially as we've never had a 4x4 before. The dealer, Pentland in Perth (Scotland), set up the SIM card in a couple of minutes and had our phones paired and playing our audiobooks and music in no time too. The rest of the car seems pretty straightforward there's just a lot of seat combos to get used to.

I was surprised that the HSE didn't come with any form of mat so had to go back for those a few days afterwards.

I'm not having any problems with the gesture tailgate, I must have got lucky or my size 11's are the right size for once.

We love the car so far

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Post by nidca » Mon Oct 09, 2017 10:23 am

Agree with most comments here, gesture tailgate can be a little tempremental. Only issue I have with mine is the Live login, it has never logged in and only says 'verifying' forever! MPG is pretty good, low 30's for me.

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Post by OzDiscoUser » Wed Dec 20, 2017 6:37 am

My 4th Disco and by far the best. I also found the gesture tailgate a little temperamental till I found a little trick, when doing the little kick just lightly tap your toe on the exhaust 3/4 of the way towards the rear between the wheel and the bumper. It works pretty much every time now! This taught me just where it expects the gesture and now I don't need to actually tap it.

Be careful if you are working around the rear of the car with the key within range! I narrowly averted the door opening onto an obstruction when some of what I was doing was interpreted by the system as a door open gesture.

I noted the earlier comment about the mats, I put a little pressure on the dealer and mine were included at no cost, maybe because mine was the first D5 out the door or more likely because I had nearly all other options already.

In the first week I owned it, I spent a few days camping on Fraser Island (largest sand Island around) and it was just awesome. Friends in other vehicles thought the same, just so relaxed in what should have been arduous conditions. Quiet, unfussed, powerful, comfortable, and so capable. My only gripe here is that the sound system is on a short fuse and turns off a little too quickly when the car is not running.

The car has shown me its decent economy including Sydney to Melbourne easily on one tank, I just love driving it.

As I've mentioned in another thread, in the rear storage for the tow hitch on my model there is a styrofoam insert that is a waste of space. Take it out and make better use of the cubby hole. I still keep the tow hitch in there packed in with a lot of other incidental items that keep it from rattling around. This spot, along with the removal of the other piece of useless foam near the jack makes up for slight reduction in rear storage from the previous model.

A negative, yes I have some:
- visibility is not as good as the previous model. Cameras make up for this but it takes some messing about to get to the camera screen and sometimes you just can't afford those few moments.
- As mentioned earlier, the sound system is on too much of a short fuse without the car operating, a little longer please, previous model was longer.
- The 4x4 assist camera view is excellent for parking but cannot be put onto the home screen as a widget. All sub-menu items should be able to be placed as widgets on one of my customized home screens. A simple software change.
- Front occupants have lost some sideways leg room due to the rearward position of the engine and subsequent intrusion of the transmission tunnel. It also means that you must use the driver footrest. For me this is not optimal, in the previous model there was space between the brake pedal and the foot rest. I have long legs and on long trips that space was handy for stretching out.
- My wife laments to reduction in the number of cup holders. Gone from the left passenger side dash and doors in the front. The Boss is not happy about that.
- Rear aircon, and I have the top-spec dual AC, could do with better ventilation, doesn't have the center outlets any more.
- A few things seem a little flimsy for a AU$160K car (I did say most options), the cover for the jack and its surrounding trims, the panel stiffness around the rear door handles (try it, grab the handle and just push/pull on it), the battery cover is just damn fiddly, poor panel stiffness in the rear switch pack for the seats, suspension and inner tailgate.
- 2nd row seats need tilt adjustment, tall passengers don't get enough under thigh support.
- The crash warning system needs more work. There are some normal traffic situations that trick it like going around a left curve that has a turning lane on the right with a car in it and I'm in the other lane on its left following the road, it warns me of impending doom nearly every time.
- Radar cruise control takes a little long to recognize that the car in front of you has moved out of your lane and its now clear, not long but just enough to be annoying.

My negatives are pretty trivial and for me are made up for what seems to be an otherwise well designed and built vehicle. It's a great car to drive.
Disco-5 HSE Lux, TDV6, Silicon Silver/Light Oyster, with most options

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